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                Just when you think you’ve seen the weirdest dorama concept there is, something as insanely absurd as Zettai Kareshi pops up on your screen and proves you wrong. And then it reminds you that some things don’t really have to make sense in order to touch your heart.

                 Zettai Kareshi is loosely based on a Japanese manga by Yuu Watase. The TV version tells the story of Riiko (Aibu Saki), a kind-hearted and average girl who was tricked into being the test lover of a mechanical boyfriend she eventually called Night (Hayami Mokomichi). This cute twosome then set off on a series of events that cover all the favorite subjects of doramas, which include work, dreams, friendships, frienemies, and of course rabu rabu!

                 In the beginning, I watched this dorama with very little expectation. I didn’t think it would hit anywhere near ProDai, or Hana Kimi.  This mentality made me enjoy the first five episodes of the series better. I mean, if you don’t wanna shut down your brain, and allow your heart to be suckered into it, you might as well watch Amistad or some high-brow film! But if you want a few laughs and a lot of love, then just press play (like I did)!

 The triangle.


  By doing so, I discovered how dead on the creators were in casting the lovable Aibu, and the uber hot Hayami (whom most fangirls dubbed as Ha-yummy) for their respective roles.  They look the part. They act the part. Not once in the series were they awkward. Hiro Mizushima, who plays the third wheel of the romance as Soshi Asamoto, also fits perfectly. The minor characters are also great. It’s a cast made in heaven.

                 After around seven or eight episodes of stupid hilarity, the mood of the dorama starts to shift. Our mecha-lover soon starts feeling ‘real love’, our heroine and the third wheel start falling in love with each other, and so on. Jealousy, morality, and other serious themes start to enter the story. In the end, Riiko finds herself in a major crossroads that will (as expected) require her to choose between her Night (in shining armor hehe), or the human but equally loving Soshi.

 Night: It hurts, (hell yeah. TT)

                 The last few episodes, especially the last few minutes, then turn into one major tearjerker after another—something that was not originally promised by the dorama. Damn, my sister cried like crazy as the final conclusions were revealed.  After having turned off the DVD player, I stared at the blank screen and thought WTF. This dorama is 90 percent shit. But the 10% near the end makes it all worth it. And then I cried (secretly). It was so silly, but my head just kept replaying the last scenes, and the amazing Ayaka’s Okaeri was left in my heart.  (She married Hiro in real life BTW)

                 On a shallow note, I’d recommend this dorama for anyone who wants to see a hot guy, and a Japanese actor with a real bod. But more than that, I’d encourage anyone who’d like to see an emotionally-charged dorama that will sweep them off their feet.  :-)