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Ok. It’s a bit uncharacteristic for a Jpop man, in a somewhat JPop blog to write about the future Queen of England’s dress. Still, here’s my insignificant take on her majesty’s bridals. :P

Kate with her gown, and maid of honor /sister Pippa. Classic or basic?


First, let’s talk specs. It’s a Sophie Cranston dress.  Basically a simple white gown with a sweetheart neckline and embroidered sleeves and collar. It was elegant, beautiful and serene.  The skirt was a bit puffy, I guess to create that English-aristocrat feel, and perhaps to prevent the dress from being too boring.  All in all, I think it looked good on Kate, who was pretty but somewhat tired-looking. I can name at least a dozen wedding gowns that look better than this, but this is one fit for a modern princess, or duchess, or whatever her new title really is.

And then, the comparisons came in. Some say that it was too plain, too blah. Others complained that it was a travesty to the grandeur of the Windsor house. And then, there were others who said that it paled in comparison to Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth II’s wedding gowns—both of which were huge, frilly, and heavily embroidered. Both gowns were also subjected to parliamentary approval, with every detail supposed to signify something political.

ABOVE: Elizabeth II's embroidery exhibit and Diana's Disney Dress. Seriously, what would you think if these aren't on royalty?

 I beg to differ though. I think Kate’s gown – in all its simplicity—is actually the most political royal wedding gown. It was simple and modern. It didn’t look like a wedding cake on a 20-foot highway of tulle. It was practical and humble, which is as it should be, considering that Kate and William are future heirs to the throne of a monarchy that’s getting dangerously close to the second-world category. Personally, I thought Kate’s gown was a statement—that she’s no Marie Antoinette, or Lady Gaga. She’s just a woman who met her Prince Charming, the cute and balding kind. It’s very real, and I like that. 

Well, frill or no frill, I think this royal wedding rocks. It’s not as fairy tale as a 2-year old girl would like, nor as traditional as the crypt keeper would prefer. I feel quite funny whenever I see Kate and William stare at each other with suppressed chuckles during the ceremony, as if signifying how they find these formalities utterly pointless. Oh well, cheers  to the lovely couple—especially to Kate to proving that there’s no point competing with your wedding cake's volume. :P