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Ok. It’s a bit uncharacteristic for a Jpop man, in a somewhat JPop blog to write about the future Queen of England’s dress. Still, here’s my insignificant take on her majesty’s bridals. :P

Kate with her gown, and maid of honor /sister Pippa. Classic or basic?


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Yamashita Tomohisa in Bangkok
Con Review

The Saturday show opened at around 7:20 pm and ended around two hours later. YamaPi debuted his gorgeous self with Daite Senorita, appearing inside a projection box/cage/awesomeness.  The rest was plain insanity.

As most fangirls – and very few fanboys (like myself)—would know by now, JE artist Yamashita Tomohisa rocked Bangkok last weekend with his stop at the Thunder Dome in Muang Thong Thani Bangkok. So…. is it Supergood or Superbad? Do I have fan cams?

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Sweet or Sour: Supergood/Superbad

Residing outside of Japan has a few lot of downsides. especially for fanboys like me. One of these is not having first dibs on JPOP CDs as they are released.

Anyway, here's my take on Yamashita Tomohisa's first album. Super Good/Superbad. (Tracklist courtesy of loveasia)

Supergood? uhm....

                Just when you think you’ve seen the weirdest dorama concept there is, something as insanely absurd as Zettai Kareshi pops up on your screen and proves you wrong. And then it reminds you that some things don’t really have to make sense in order to touch your heart.

                 Zettai Kareshi is loosely based on a Japanese manga by Yuu Watase. The TV version tells the story of Riiko (Aibu Saki), a kind-hearted and average girl who was tricked into being the test lover of a mechanical boyfriend she eventually called Night (Hayami Mokomichi). This cute twosome then set off on a series of events that cover all the favorite subjects of doramas, which include work, dreams, friendships, frienemies, and of course rabu rabu!

                 In the beginning, I watched this dorama with very little expectation. I didn’t think it would hit anywhere near ProDai, or Hana Kimi.  This mentality made me enjoy the first five episodes of the series better. I mean, if you don’t wanna shut down your brain, and allow your heart to be suckered into it, you might as well watch Amistad or some high-brow film! But if you want a few laughs and a lot of love, then just press play (like I did)!

 The triangle.


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Hi! And Good Luck Japan.

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I'm new to LiveJournal and Im not yet sure if Ill stick for long. But Im here mainly for Arashi, J-POp, and I dunno, probably ranting some real world frustrations.

Anyway, recently there have been a lot of posts on the world ending, Supermoons, and all those other doomsday stuff. I say, get a life People!
People around the world are trying to live on you know. They don't need scare tactics from people who think its cute to look scared.

Well, there goes rant number 1. :D